An Introduction to Brazil


If you have been thinking about taking a vacation to Brazil then you have come to the right place! We can’t help you get there unfortunately, but we can providing you with all the necessary information that you’ll need to make your trip to Brazil just that much more enjoyable.

Throughout this article we’re going to give you an overview of Brazil, tell you which language is spoken, give you information on the capital city, and answer the question – is Brazil a good place for tourists?


Brazil is a country located in the South American continent and is actually the largest country in this continent, it has a population of over 190 million people. It is a popular tourist destination and receives many tourists every year who come to experience Brazil amazing culture, weather, and more.

This country borders 9 other countries and also borders the Atlantic Ocean to its east, so if you wish to do so, you could also travel to the bordering countries to have more of an adventure!

 What Language Is Spoken in Brazil?

Many people seem to think that Spanish is the most popular language spoken in Brazil and even though this is a fairly good theory considering that the other South American countries have Spanish as their native language – this isn’t the case with Brazil.

The Brazil language actually has over 210 languages spoken in the country, with 180 of these being indigenous. Portuguese is the native language and the most widely spoken of all languages spoken in Brazil.

 What Is the Capital City of Brazil?

Another common misconception that many people have about Brazil is that they think the capital city is Rio De Janeiro. Even though Rio De Janeiro is a very popular tourist area and seems like it would fit in being a capital city, it’s not – not any more at least. Rio De Janeiro was the capital city of Brazil from the years of 1763 to 1960.

After 1960 the capital city changed to the federal district known as Brasília.

 Is Brazil a Good Place for Tourists?

Yes of course, Brazil is an excellent place for tourists to go and enjoy themselves. Many people worry about Brazil not being a very safe place but this isn’t necessarily true – as long as you are careful in the same way you would be in any other country you are visiting then you will be just fine!

The weather that you get to soak in whilst you’re in Brazil will put your mind at ease from the stress of your life back at home, you’ll get to experience a wide array of sights, excursions, and more. Overall it’s a very positive place to be and is definitely recommended.